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About little ol’ me

In three words, I can be described as passionate, bubbly and sarcastic.  Originally from Virginia Beach, I came into this world named “Amanda,” but my parents opted to change it to “Robin” at the tender age of 6.  Currently, I live in Washington, DC with my husband and our fierce sidekick, a rescued pit bull named Binnie (aka Bean Dip, Boopsters, Princess Butterbean, etc).

Laziest pitbull alive

Laziest pitbull alive

Equipped with two science degrees, I am perfectly qualified to write mostly coherent emails and pretend to be the office-dwelling Jane Goodall of my generation:  saving one species, one email at a time, while frolicking in the concrete jungle office, studying the complex behavior of the Type-A human species that are locked at their desk, trapped in fluorescent lighting.

Aside from my tree and endangered bunny hugging, I find solace in figure skating, a passion of mine ever since I officially became “Robin.”  I still skate and try to every day. I find it to be my therapy sessions and a place that I can be left alone and just be me – a slightly less talented, less accomplished Michelle Kwan.

I am at that stage of my life where there is a lot of “mental chatter,” which is my polite way of saying that there are voices in my head.  I believe this is because I’m in a constant battle with myself trying to figure out what it is in my life that I was meant to do, and how I can make some small difference in this world – one layback spin at a time.  Easy goals.


3 thoughts on “About little ol’ me

  1. I too had a relationship with an Osprey several years back…I first met Rocky(I have no way of knowing it’s gender but it was scrappy as can be, so I named it Rocky) on what I assume to be his first day in full flight. His Mom and/or Dad were escorting him and for many days he would appear in a tree in my back yard. It would yell real loud and I’d go out and watch him…..Thanks for sharing this….brought back great memories…

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