The Relationship Spectrum

Relationships aren’t always black or white. There seems to be a murky gray area in between because both parties aren’t always on the same page. There seems to be a spectrum ranging from not-so-much-a-relationship to marriage.  As smart as some of my girlfriends are, I’ve found that they don’t always understand where they stand in their relationships, or they choose to not fully understand their “relationship.” Ignorance is bliss, right?  Not so much.  It’s time to face the facts.   Use this conjunction with Is He My Boyfriend and you’ll never be confused about your ‘relationship’ again.

Where does your relationship lie on the spectrum?

Where does your relationship lie on the spectrum?


Is he my boyfriend? A brutally honest roadmap to happiness

One of my best girl friends found herself in a sticky situation where she was unsure about her relationship status.  Because this was an issue that came up repeatedly (=daily), and my advice was not taken, I decided to make a visual aid.  Perhaps, that would help her better understand reality – a good swift visual kick in the ass.  It worked, eventually – but not because the chart was faulty (she has faulty wiring).

Maybe you are also perplexed about your relationship and question if it ACTUALLY is a relationship?  The chart doesn’t lie.
Is he my boyfriend